2-Way SMS

Step 1: Subscriber sends a text message to your virtual mobile number.

Step 2: DigitalSMS360 receives the subscriber’s Keyword/SMS message.

Step 3: You receive the SMS message to account/your system through a push API.

Step 4: You can set auto-responder to reply to your subscribers’ keywords automatically.


  • Free incoming SMS
  • Keyword Supported
  • Shortcode/Longcode
  • Real time inbound SMS
  • Connectivity options: web panel & developer API.
  • Secure transmission
  • Direct communication
  • Auto-responders


  1. Customer Service
  2. Notifications
  3. Confirmations
  4. Booking
  5. Marketing Surveys
  6. Promotions / Competitions
  7. Customer Loyalty Campaigns
  8. Transaction Verifications

Why You Need Two-way SMS?

Boost customer interactions

Gather information from your customers instantly through marketing campaigns, surveys, contests, and promotions.


P2P communication

Allow your users to chat via text messages while keeping their phone numbers anonymous. Use cases include group chat, car share apps, dating apps, etc.


Dedicated number

Build recognition. Send and receive SMS from the same number every time.


Instant Provisioning

Provision thousands of ready to use regular and toll-free numbers instantly through our API or user interface. No waiting.