Step 1: User attempts to login in your system.

Step 2: DigitalSMS360 generates a unique one-time password (OTP).

Step 3: User receives the OTP via SMS to his/her mobile phone.

Step 4: User inputs the OTP in your system.

Step 5: DigitalSMS360 validates OTP.

Step 6: User is authenticated successfully.

Now your user enjoys your services!


  • Easy integration
  • Global coverage, local direct connection
  • High speed, carrier-grade network with thousands of concurrent SMS
  • 24/7 Support and Monitoring
  • Validity Expiration
  • Security


  1. User Authentication
  2. Number Verification
  3. BYOD Security
  4. Extra Login Protection
  5. Passwordless Authentication
  6. Prevent Fraud & Mass Registration
  7. Secure Data
  8. Secure Transactions

Using SMS for OTP

SMS is an increasingly popular means of issuing one time passwords.  SMS is a 2FA solution that provides all the security functions of tokens – without the need for additional hardware – and all the convenience of app-based solutions – without the downside of app downloads and operating systems.  Using SMS to provide 2 factor authentication gives quantifiable user and business benefits.

User Benefits of SMS two factor authentication:

  • Most people have a phone capable of SMS and carry it with them everywhere;
  • SMS is easy to manage and virtually everyone knows how to use it; and
  • SMS requires no hardware distribution or software installation to the end user’s mobile device.

Business Benefits of SMS two factor authentication

  • Maintains anywhere, anytime access;
  • Inexpensive, and lower deployment costs;
  • Reduced on-going administration;
  • Ideal for anyone with a one-time or infrequent need for 2FA such as part-time or temporary employees, contractors, vendors or customers;
  • Can be distributed immediately;
  • Works with a variety of applications including VPN, web portal, and
  • Device and OS independent.