Why choose our Bulk SMS service?

> It is a fast, cost-effective way to send text messages to your target customers, users, members and co-workers.

> All mobile service providers in Cambodia (e.g. Smart, Cellcard, Metfone, etc) are all included in your SMS campaign by a single price. So you don’t need to worry what mobile service that your customers are using, you can instantly connect to them via SMS messaging effectively.

> You can upload contact list and send messages to thousand of your customers with a single click, easy and safe.

> You have the freedom to send single or mass SMS to individuals and groups.

> Sending messages from your computer is much faster than using your phone with the convenient keyboard in English or Full Khmer Language and monitor with user-friendly interface Web platform.

> Run a mobile marketing campaign right from the browser using the bulk SMS feature. You can even pre-schedule or set up auto sending text messages to make SMS marketing campaigns convenient and hand-free.

> Manage your SMS campaign wherever you are with your personal computer or tablets.

Spend less and earn more. With our budget friendly SMS service fee, every single cent you spend with us, you effectively reach your target segment, qualify your prospects and convert more sales. We also support you with our Target Customer Contact List, so we work out fast to help get new customers within the day!

> You can track your SMS marketing campaign easily with report online dashboard online and offline download.

Call us now to launch your SMS campaign today! Mobile: 078 939896 (Mr. Mey Phalkun)

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