How Schools Can Use Text Messaging

Why rely on flyers, phone calls, or even email to send out mass alerts to the student body? Hundreds of colleges, high schools, and other educational institutions nationwide use our texting service to send out mass, informative notifications. From emergency alerts and reminders, to closings and cancellations, text messaging is the best way to communicate with thousands of students at the click of a button.

Benefits and uses for schools…

  • Mass text messaging is the fastest and easiest way of communicating important alerts
  • It’s significantly cheaper than a call system
  • It’s also cheaper than constantly printing flyers
  • 95% of all text messages are read within the first 5 minutes

Benefits for the people…

  • Keep both students and parents in the loop with campus events, emergencies and notifications
  • Text messaging for schools keeps sports teams and fans in the loop on happenings

Uses for mass texting in educational institutions…

  • Emergency alerts
  • Instant notification alerts
  • Communication to sports teams
  • Campus wide info
  • Staff Communications