Retail Business

The best relationships in retail are those in which the customer feels rewarded and cared for. Sending coupons, sneak preview sales, and exclusive “VIP" offers directly to their cell phones is an inexpensive and trackable way to enhance customer relationships and ultimately drive sales.


Uses of SMS Marketing for Retail

Retail businesses are in a great
position to benefit from text message marketing. Customer loyalty
programs are simple to set up with SMS, and research shows that
repeat customers spend 67% more than first-timers.

Here are just a few ways to use texts to reward your repeat customers:

Bring customers back to your store with exclusive text coupons

Raven Books Coupon: Show this text to the cashier for 15% off your next purchase. Applies to new & used items. Exp 7/29

Draw customers in by notifying them about new arrivals with text alerts

Gamer’s Goods Alert! Pick up your copy today for $5 off any other game.

Let customers know when their product is ready with custom text notifications

Ted’s Boots & Repair – Mr. Lin: Your boots are repaired and available for pickup between 9AM-6PM. Thx for choosing Ted’s!

Promote sales events with timely texts